Snort Snort, We're Juice Pig....
We serve tasty juices,
& delicious healthy food options
Perfect for events or private catering
or for any event you might require.
Why should you love Juice Pig?
We serve healthy, fresh juices
We have tasty healthy food options
No event too small, no event too big
A friendly and outgoing team
Great for all occasions!
Fresh Juices
Rice Paper Rolls
Fresh Sushi
Corn on the Cob
All this and more!
So what are you waiting for?

Fresh, Healthy and Tasty juice & snacks for festivals, events or private catering.

With many options, Juice Pig can cater to you're every need!

Our Identity

Starting out as a small juice stand operating at one event, the business has developed over the past nine years growing into a sophisticated, custom-built mobile juice and sushi outlet operating at many events annually, with the ability to go anywhere.

We pride ourselves on a fantastic fresh product and our reputation among the music festival and outdoor event industry speaks for itself.

Our menu and setup is constantly evolving in line with the festivals needs and requirments.

We are a GREEN business, using only recyclable and biodegradable packaging and offsetting all or our carbon emissions!

Our Services

Juice - 100% Natural, 100% Delicious

A wide range of freshly squeezed juices to tempt you're tastebuds and refresh any festival goer. With watermelon, apple, orange & pineapple and much much more, there is a juice for every taste.

Food piggies, FOOD

Every happy piggy loves food. But why not be a healthy piggy. Juice pig serves a wide range of healthy food alternatives including Sushi hand rolls, Rice paper rolls, Prawn crackers and much more.

Italian Gelato

Its a hot sunny day, or a cosy chilly winters day. Who can ever say no to fresh Italian made Gelato. With flavours that suit the day and seasonal fruits, let this melt in your mouth, not your hand.

Squeel at a Pig!